My Work on Gigler’s Identity

Some other student and I were part of a project to create Gigler brand guidelines and implement them. Article at:

Digital Revolution, Barbican – Blown away by the Potential of Digital Design

I thought Digital Design had just begun, but it started more than thirty years ago. Area 2 of the Exhibition of Digital Revolution is ‘Indie Games’ half of these games can be purchased on Steam for under £5. Indie games are created by a small group of people or even a single person in their spare time. These games take big risks, and when they succeed they can trump even the billion dollar game franchises like Call of Duty. I know the indie game market of my generation, pretty well, the experiments, the parodies, the triumphs and the failures. I wasn’t really aware of the contemporary world of digital design, which I feel will soon engulf mainstream entertainment and design. There were many pieces that stirred ideas in my mind about the future of film. One was an interactive video that let you move the camera around someone as they were speaking. There was also a 3D illusion of a face that followed you around the room. I was pleased to find a digital typographic piece by John Maeda, which explored the process of typing, called ‘Tap Type Write”. There were nine settings that let you play with the letters on the screen. Another piece I recognised […]

I met Morag Myerscough at the Temple of Agape, South Bank

I knew it was her because of her iconic blonde bob. She was directing the builders in creating her new installation, Temple of Agape, for the South Bank’s ‘Festival of Love’. Like her previous work, The Movement Cafe, the piece is bright and colourful, yet shows it’s less gleeful structure. The scaffolding underneath becomes part of a visual structure, contrasting against the luminescent typography that is hand-painted on the wooden panels. I can see why her work was selected to become a centerpiece for this festival, love is beautiful on the outside but also strong and unafraid on the inside.  Morag explained her piece to me in great detail. It was a quote by Martin Luther King, organised by colour. I had not heard the quote before, but a family behind us were decoding it, pointing out each word as they found it. I thought that she would have been tired from working on this project all day, but she was delighted to answer my questions. We talked about the fact that I came from Arts University Bournemouth and that we had talks about her and her work. She thought it was funny that I couldn’t escape her, even when I am now home […]

DrinkWorks Work Experience

At the Moment I’m on a week of work experience at DrinkWorks ( ) I can’t specify what I am working on, but I have been part of a proactive project, where we have been developing new brands which focus on different coffee drinking moments.