Leo Bowyer

S’wonderful (for legal reasons name has changed to Listen Up Emily) is written by Milo Cremer Eindhoven and Jordan Elson and directed by Milo Cremer Eindhoven. The film is a homage to 1950s musicals and is about a woman who runs away from her wedding and finds herself becoming part of a musical on a stage set in downtown Paris. For this project I was asked to create posters to tease the making of the film. I read the script and mocked up ideas. The client said he liked the ‘minimalist approach’. I decided to avoid obvious photographed objects from the film and went with an exploration of the two contrasting main characters. The poster of man jumping is a symbol of his enigmatic and enchanting personality and references the dance style of Fred Astaire. The female character is humble yet skeptical so I decided that the character should be represented as her fixation with the symbolism of her engagement ring.